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Why Your Presentation Software Needs Slide Library Management?

The problem of presentation management

There’s no doubt that you have to invest in the best slide software to craft presentations that stand out. However, before plunging into a conclusion, there is one nifty feature of these software that you must know—slide library management.

Through the course of your professional life in marketing and sales, you will accumulate a plethora of presentations on your shared drives, memory sticks, cloud storage, and not to forget, your good old desktop. This system of presentation management creates problems when we seek to access the best presentation you have created in the past.

With so many presentations floating around everywhere, you are inevitably creating a repetitive work culture as your team has to recreate all the presentations. Approved fonts, logos, and colors are all over the place and are vulnerable to misuse, proving extremely hassling for your team to manage presentations. Since all slides are saved on your desktop or physical storage, propagation of future changes across the department becomes challenging, resulting in your team using outdated slides.

Enter slide library management

While searching for the best slide software, you need to make sure that it has a slide library management feature, which improves efficiency, productivity, and accuracy of your sales team. A library with a slide management capability helps your business in the following ways:


  • Access slides anytime, anywhere

When everything is going online these days, why shouldn’t your presentations? With an online slide library management feature, you can log in from any part of the world and access your latest presentations. You can do away with the need to access your shared drive or email your colleagues requesting for the latest slide decks. You can get everything you want in real-time!

  • Easy searchability

Sales teams need to have access to powerful and authoritative visual search to access and assemble presentations personalized for pitch in minutes. Rather than reckoning upon the ‘unfaithful” desktop, you can get the up-to-date version of all your slide content, metadata, speaker notes, and other information at the click of a mouse button. Simply drag and drop your preferred content into a new file and you are all set to go!

  • Automatic communication of changes

A noteworthy perk of using a centralized presentation management system is that slide updates can be relayed to different users from a single source. Instead of having n number of iterations of the same slide that need manual updating, you can simply update a single core slide. This will automatically give out the new content to every marketing and sales representative associated with the presentation, thereby saving them whopping amount of time.

  • Better collaboration and knowledge-sharing

More often than not, organizations operate in silos—something that lacks communication, collaboration and shared learning. A slide library management feature improves knowledge-sharing, which benefits you by lowering transaction times, upskilling employees, and improving personal performance. All of these are possible when you invest in the best slide software enabled with superior presentation management capabilities.

  • Improved brand positioning

When you use the best software for business presentations, you will see that accuracy of message and ultimately your brand consistency undergoing a magical change. Sales representatives experience united front and deliver presentations that are impactful and results-driven. There will be no outdated slides, no repetition of information, and no confusing messaging if you leverage the slide library management feature of modern-day presentation software.

Clearly, it would be apt choose the best slide software like Zoomifier, which has effective presentation management capabilities, particularly the slide library management feature. All of them work seamlessly to give you less hassle in organizing your presentations and more time to focus on closing sales.