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Why are paid clicks not resulting in good lead capture?

According to eMarketer, the total US digital ad spending will increase 16% in 2017 to $83billion. This is great news for Google, which dominates search ads, and Facebook, which rules the display ads. But what about you – digital marketers? Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other digital channels have definitely made it easier for you to reach our target audience. That is why you outbid each other to display your ads on these channels. These paid channels reliably deliver the target audience as visitors to our websites. Unfortunately, these paid clicks are not resulting in satisfactory lead capture.


Most visitors leave your landing pages after brief glance.

Few leads mean fewer qualified sales opportunities and slower customer acquisition. This impacts our revenue and our ability to run a profitable business. If you are feeling this pain of low lead capture then you are not alone. 63% of marketers agree that generating leads is the top marketing challenge.

What is wrong with my lead capture campaigns?

This low visitor to lead conversion ratio is resulting in lots of soul searching as well as unfortunate churn among demand gen experts. Digital marketers rigorously follow the best practices and seem to be doing everything right:

  • Allocate increasingly larger budgets to digital marketing
  • Measure and refine marketing mix to optimize media spend
  • Hire the most competent digital marketing agency to optimize targeting and scheduling
  • Designed highly interactive and mobile responsive websites and landing pages
  • Conducted user experience studies and measured the followed all the best practices to enhance the effectiveness of your landing pages
  • Benchmark content against the competitors

Root cause of low lead capture

So what are you doing wrong? May be it is not you. We believe that the root cause of a very high visitor to lead conversion ratio is the fundament changes that have taken place in the target audience’s behavior in last few years. Here is a quick summary of the changes in customer behavior:

  1. Our target audience is overwhelmed with flood of information, has developed a very short attention span and gets easily distracted.
  2. They love to rapidly binge on as much content as available when and where they want it
  3. They insist on controlling their journey to explore and discover the solution to their problems

Please read this article to get an in-depth view of these fundamental changes in audience behavior. It will help you realize that the checklist of best practices described above is now simply “table stakes” – the minimal necessary things you need to do to participate in digital marketing. To differentiate and win needs openness to think differently.

This article describes how you can align your digital marketing to dramatically increase lead capture.