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Top 5 Presentation Software Features Your Sales Team Can't Do Without in 2019

To ace the competitive B2B marketing and sales ballgame, your teams need stellar presentation software features, which enable them to engross prospects to the core.

Imagine yourself sitting through a product presentation where each slide consists of lines and lines of text. There’s nothing to substantiate the nature of the product, its working, or benefits. The boredom can be torturous, especially when the presenter isn’t speaking anything in context to the agenda of the meeting.

What would you wish to do then? Perhaps just exit the room, right?

On the flipside, you could be facing the crowd and you see disengaged people checking their phones below the desk or taking furtive looks at the time, waiting for your presentation to end as soon as possible.

Nearly 57% of B2B prospects feel that sales teams are not prepared for the pitch. But there’s also another factor-- your presentation software-- that could be at fault. In this case, it’s your good-old PowerPoint.

The disadvantages of PowerPoint are felt design-wise as it lacks the engagement prowess to keep pace with a dynamic sales environment, especially as we open another chapter of technological innovation in 2019.

There are quite a PowerPoint limitations that have pushed top-notch business owners like Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos to shun the use of the software in sales meeting. One of the most prominent of all limitations is the heavy inclination of its templates towards bullet points. They have an extremely dull appeal, something that takes audiences on a tedious journey.

Not to forget, the software can be unnecessarily expensive at times and can lack the most radical presentation software features that help you overcome the top two process challenges-- meeting audiences’ expectations and dealing with competitive concerns.

To overcome these obvious limitations, your sales team needs one of the many PowerPoint alternatives available in the market today.

The presentation software features that can empower your sales team

When it comes to choosing the best among a plethora of PowerPoint alternatives, you need to identify requirements that go beyond technology features. Before investing in one, make sure your choice has these essential presentation software features:

  • ·Rich-media capabilities

Audiences are hungry for content that exudes visual opulence. PowerPoint alternatives are often preferred because they come with the ability to showcase high-resolution photos, videos, animations, 3D and vector graphics, interactive panoramic images, and VR. Take videos for example. 7 in 10 B2B buyers rely on videos to make decisions during their buying process. Additionally, videos on landing pages will increase conversions by 86 percent. So, the software you choose should be able to support huge gigabytes of these rich-media content and make your presentation more personalized, engaging, and interactive.

  • Slide library management

Your sales team may be dealing with presentations of different customer segments, product offerings, geographical locations, and other criteria. It isn’t easy for them to manage the whopping number of slides efficiently. To overcome this challenge, slide library management is one of the most pivotal presentation software features. This feature allows your sales team to distribute, maintain, and update pitches in a jiffy and enhance the visual quotient of presentations.

  • Brand and messaging control

Desktop-based traditional presentations don’t provide the much-needed control over your brand’s messaging. Anyone can tamper with your brand’s logo, ad copy, and other critical elements. This is where you need to choose a presentation software that keeps your sales team in line with your brand guidelines. It should give you the control of your brand, yet allow your team to personalize and customize their presentations at the same time.

  • Presentation simulcasting capabilities

60% of sales representatives say that they are experiencing a threefold increase in virtual meetings since 2015. As such, you need to have a software that allows screen sharing during these cross-boundary sales meetings. However, there’s always a time lag in the visual experience of remote audiences owing to technical limitations of some online meeting tools. So the tool you choose should be able to sync the presenter and the attendees by simultaneously streaming slides and media directly on their respective screens. Live stream and web meeting are capabilities that can prove extremely valuable in bridging communication gaps and building connected business communities.


  • Presentation Analytics

Last but certainly not the least, the presentation software you choose should have the ability to empower your sales team with performance data. It should be able to inform your team in real-time whether your prospects viewed the presentations or not. 83% of customers are likely to a referral after a positive experience. So using a tool that allows you to leverage presentation analytics can help you gauge your audience’s reaction. At the same time, it would allow marketing teams to analyze which slides are viewed and used most frequently. This data is crucial to improving sales presentations and boosting audience engagement through apt messaging.

Make sure you have these presentation software features in the PowerPoint alternatives you intend to use for taking your sales performance a rung higher.