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The Best Way to Simulcast Your Presentations is Here

Let’s face it: an increasing number of organizations, including sales organizations, is moving to the virtual space. They now operate from one location and have employees, customers, and prospects spread all around the globe.

Your organization perhaps isn’t any different, which is why you need to look for the best way to stream a meeting online to connect with these virtual audiences.

Did you know 60% of sales representatives have increased their time meeting with customers and prospects virtually since 2015?

Yes, that’s true. After all, online meetings can increase an organization’s reach without incurring the cost or hassle of traveling. Much of the credit can be given to the immense power of technology; it has shrunk the global business community to a computer screen!

There is no dearth of screen-sharing online meeting tools available to marketing and sales professionals, but they suffer from certain technical limitations.

At times, there comes a time lag in the display of the information on the screen of your remote attendees that often confuses and disengages them. Not to forget, miscommunication due to technical glitches—something that can cost you a valuable deal!

To hold effective, time-saving virtual meetings, you can choose to simulcast your presentations, which can also boost the visual experience of your virtual attendees.

Are you now wondering, “What’s a simulcast?” Well, it’s the broadcasting of events and programs across more than one medium (television, radio, or a combination of two or more media) at the same time.

Simulcasting technology is now widely accepted by organizations for the sole reason that it can help them speed up projects, foster active participation, and build stronger relationships.

Tips to simulcast presentations in virtual meetings

If you wish to simulcast presentations to your virtual audience, then read on to know how to get going the right way:

  • Get hold of the right tool

Your choice of tool should allow you to simulcast presentations with easy-to-access resources like the Internet, microphone, webcam, smartphone, and laptop, etc. You may come across plenty of free or cheap simulcast software, but will any random one fulfill your needs? Perhaps no. These software undoubtedly make online meetings simpler, but they are not free of complexities. The best way to stream a meeting in the virtual space is by using a software that’s packed with nifty, presenter-friendly features like high-quality live video feed and smartphone integration. It will truly make your virtual meetings productive and rewarding for all participants.

  • Strike a personal cord

Personalizing your approach in virtual meetings can be a challenge for your sales team, especially with over-the-telephone meetings and traditional presentation software. Besides the name and designation of your prospects, these old-school methods don’t let you know much about their emotional and personality attributes. This can be a major loss, but the good news is you can compensate for it with web-based video tools. These impactful, easy-to-use, and inexpensive virtual meeting facilitators convey your gestures, facial expressions, and passion, and moves your audience personally to the positive outcome you desire.

  • Be engaging

There is an increase in participation from your virtual audience the moment you engage their intelligence. Thanks to some online meeting tools that support audience involvement through open chat, polling, and structured texting. You can use these tools to gain useful insight about your attendee’s knowledge, opinion, and profile. The option to include Q&A in virtual meetings, especially for larger groups, is certainly a cherry on the cake. Do include these elements in your presentations to enable attendees to think, reason out, and come up with solutions.

  • Take care of your infrastructure

If you wish to experience the best way to stream a meeting online, it’s obvious that you need a solid internet connection. To flawlessly simulcast presentations in virtual meetings, here’s the golden rule: the stronger the bandwidth, the clearer the broadcast. Even if you have the most superior of presentation tools, nothing will fulfill your purpose if your internet connection is erratic. So make sure you test everything in advance to prevent unexpected (and sometimes embarrassing!) drop-outs or hiccups during the meeting.


The presentation software you use should be able to simulcast presentation slides and rich media directly to each viewer’s screen instead of first displaying it on your screen and then scrapping it for the others. Not only will this process enable remote audiences to be in sync with you completely but also give them a visual experience that mirrors that of an in-person meeting.