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Let customers personalize their journeys to improve lead nurturing on your marketing automation platform

Are you a digital marketer or lead gen expert focused on lead nurturing and scoring for complex B2B offerings? Chances are that you are using Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot or similar marketing automation platforms. You are probably facing the same challenge that all of your co-practitioners are grappling with: inability to fully engage and nurture your leads into qualified sales opportunities.


Digital Marketing skills for lead capture and lead nurturing



Yes we know that you precisely segment and target your audience. You are an expert at engaging your audience by designing sophisticated multi-channel campaigns. You are probably sharpening your focus with account-based marketing (ABM). And yet, it is not improving your lead nurturing.

Why is it difficult to nurture leads?

The problem is not with your expertise, your marketing automation platforms or with the quality of your content. Your customer’s behavior has changed dramatically over the last few years.

  1. They are overwhelmed and fatigued with a flood of information. Adding to that noise in the name of “nurturing” does not win you better engagement.
  2. They love to binge on content when they have time. Sending one piece of content to engage them is not enough.
  3. They love to control their discovery process. Your static campaign design is unlikely to align with their interests, resulting in delivery of irrelevant content that disengages them.

Customers no longer appreciate untimely and irrelevant interruptions from vendors. They have successfully erected barriers to filter out noise. This is why the click through rates of email campaigns is less than 3%.

In short, your traditional marketing automation practices are no longer aligned with the changed customer behavior and new user experience expectations. Your inability to engage and nurture leads result in very poor lead qualification and unhappy sales teams.

Rethink your marketing automation practices to improve lead nurturing

The following three practices will greatly improve your ability to engage and nurture leads into qualified sales opportunities:

  1. Stay relevant – Do not assume what your target audience wants. Instead facilitate their ability to personalize their own journey. For example, consider your call to action or click through of your email as just the beginning of a journey. Offer your audience a choice of content that they can select from. Organize additional relevant content so that it is easily accessible based on their initial journey. We call this a customer journey map.
  2. Let them binge – Your audience is likely to consume four or more pieces of content if you can let them select relevant information. This accelerates their nurturing. It also minimizes the number of times you have to touch them to educate them on your value proposition. Your audience will engage willingly because they get more with fewer interruptions.
  3. Use this successful eCommerce practice – You must have noticed relevant item recommendations from a eCommerce vendor when you make online purchases. You can use the same practice to sustain lead nurturing. If your audience personalized their journey by selecting content of interest to them and if they binged on it then they are very likely to consider an email that recommends another relevant content. Remember to offer them more content choices as they consume the recommended content. This will restart their personalized journey and sustain nurturing.

With these three best practices you will greatly improve your ability to sustain and accelerate lead nurturing to the point where they are ready to buy.

So what do I do with my next marketing automation campaign?

Link Zoomifier Lead Incubator based personalized journeys into your next marketing automation campaign. It is very easy to do and requires no technical expertise. Zoomifier will let your audience personalize their customer journeys, binge on the content and sustain nurturing with relevant online and email based content recommendations. Most importantly, Zoomifier will augment your marketing automation platform with customer engagement analytics that will help you deliver insightful qualified sales opportunities with greater confidence.

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