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Keeping Your Presentations Consistent With Your Brand

A lot has been spoken and written about brand image consistency in ad campaigns, promotional materials, social media and all other tools that are in a marketer’s arsenal. But what about your sales presentations? Just like everything else, shouldn’t you consider it your branding tool too? Perhaps you should.

Your sales presentations should be able to define brand cohesion—something that a consistent slide deck can do. Consistency in presentations allows you to speak to the world with “one voice.” It forms the driving force for all visual and written attributes of your presentations, making them work towards painting a unified picture of your brand.

It’s important to offer complete flexibility to your sales teams to customize and infuse creativity into presentations for each pitch. But what’s even more important is that you ensure brand guidelines are strictly followed and your team does not deviate from the message.

Unfortunately, traditional presentation tools don’t give you this control over your brand, and sometimes lead to tampering of information or irrelevant changes made by an outsider. This is when you need to invest in a presentation tool that allows you to control every aspect of your brand image and create presentations that matter to everyone.

Tenets to maintain brand image consistency in presentations

Establishing standards for crafting presentations is not difficult; it just takes a little time and thought. Nevertheless, you need to focus on the following aspects dedicatedly:

Writing style

Brand image consistency lies in writing messages and statements in a consistent style. You should be aware of different writing styles (technical, descriptive, narrative, etc.) and ensure that all the contributors to the presentation follow the same style. Your presentation should echo the look and style of marketing collateral and other company communications to boost brand recognition and memorability.


To create compelling and sales-fuelling presentations, you need to maintain a consistent level of quality in documents. Always focus on crafting error-free presentations because they convey your company’s meticulousness, diligence and commitment to quality. You must establish proof to a standard level of excellence in all your sales presentations to seem more valuable to your prospects.

Use of names and terms

Consistency in presentations is also dependent on how you address people, objects and use their names. When it comes to referring to people, you must always avoid classifying them by their titles. You must always list groups of people in an alphabetical sequence unless a hierarchy is needed. Always follow title-first name-last name format and keep them together on a text line. Also, you must use simple terms consistently in your presentations to promote understanding of your idea.



Brand values

Brand image consistency can be achieved only when you incorporate your brand values in your presentations homogeneously. Creating presentations with a focus on brand values is crucial to creating an impact on prospects and getting your sales register ringing. They exude professionalism, establish trust and authenticity, provide clarity and simplicity, and highlight your strengths. Your presentation should be able to tap into the interests, learning styles, and cultures of your prospects and thereby give them a reason to trust you.


Developing a consistent look in a presentation requires a deliberate and thoughtful strategy, beyond the simple application of a template's text and color default preferences. Types of shapes, formatting, layout, color assignments, and graphics should be in line with your brand’s attributes so that your prospects recognize it the moment they see these visual elements in your presentation.

Do keep the aforementioned aspects in mind to ensure brand image consistency in your presentations. A presentation tool like Zoomifier can guarantee you this with its presenter- and brand-friendly features. You are sure to break a leg in your next sales meeting if you use it.