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How to Succeed With User Adoption For Your New Presentation Software?

You have taken every possible measure to build a strong business case for a new presentation software. But hang on! Is your executive management team ready for it? Have they agreed to expose your sales team to an entirely new tool for creating presentations? In most cases, they aren’t.

To sail through challenges of convincing the top management to adopt a new presentation software, you need something important-- a technology adoption plan-- that supplements your organizational change management (OCM) plan. This plan helps you address people’s opinions and devise ways to bring everyone on the same page when it comes to introducing and adopting a new technology, in this case a presentation software.

Are you wondering, “how to demo a new software to employees?” If yes, then perhaps your wait for an answer is over. Below are a few tips to help you successfully navigate through the change management process and bring about rapid user adoption of your new presentation software:

  • Know your people

This tip is quite hackneyed, but it’s one of the first things you need to do. At the same time, you must also know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to making people embrace a new technology.

People may be hesitant to adopt new software because they fear change; the outmoded tool is always seems familiar and puts them in a “comfort zone” of some sort. To enable people to overcome their fear of change, communication the change and all that it entails is of utmost importance to you.

You need to identify the factors that influence your employees’ perception of a new software negatively and come in the way of organization-wide change. It’s only by establishing clear and transparent communication with all stakeholders that you can mitigate their fear of change.

  • Bring more than just features to the table

The features of the new presentation software are what your team will be using the most. But that does not mean you completely disregard other capabilities such as customer support and data collection.

Some of you may think that lack of understanding of business problems or an apathetic workforce are reasons why employees don’t embrace a new technology. But, in reality, it could also be the unattractive features that pushes your user adoption rate down.

Increasing user adoption rate for a new presentation software can be challenging like nothing else. To make your employees adopt the new technology, you will have to a technology adoption plan template in place. Your employees should know the benefits of using a feature-rich presentation platform so that they are motivated to make it a part of their daily worklife.

  • Get early adopters on board

Nothing can be better than involving your employees (who are the final users) in the decision-making process. The best option here is to get in touch with early adopters of your new presentation software.

This class of technology users are the first ones to try something new and have a much stronger influence than most people think. They can provide honest feedback on user experience, gauge users’ attitude towards the new software and spearhead the adoption process.

You might also have to run perception tests with specific user groups for ensuring that the right people with the maximum influence are boosting motivation of teams and speeding up user adoption.


  • Structure out a training program

Providing active support to your employees during the technology adoption process is a must. Your support system should include trainings to teach them how to use the tool and user manuals to clarify concepts and recap training content.

To optimize your product training, it’s a good idea to have one person lead the program. This person can be the main admin or one of those people who have spent maximum time coordinating with the software provider during the buying process.

To make the training more fun for people, include interactive videos and incentives in the program. Irrespective of how much adoption rate you wish to achieve, you have to make training a mandate, and not a choice for everyone.

  • Give everyone some time to absorb

Lastly, the old adage, “Practice makes a man perfect,” is pretty apt in the context of a technology adoption plan. Everything takes time to materialize. With regular practice, your sales team will know the nitty-gritty of your new presentation software and become more open to it.

You need to incorporate enough adjustment time in your technology adoption plan template. Your employees are often intimidated by unfamiliar processes, which is why you need to give them the flexibility and opportunity to use the software until they learn the ropes.

Bottom Line

If you are concerned about how to demo a new software to employees, then these tips should definitely make you successful in your pursuit. Do give Zoomifier a chance to be your new presentation software. Besides boosting user adoption rate, this sales enablement solution also fosters business transformation to keep your organization ahead of the times.