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Guide to Using Videos in Presentations to Wow Your Audience

High-definition videos can empower your sales team

Interactive presentations do well compared to traditional slideshows, generating double conversions than passive content owing to their rich video content. Nothing charges up your audience like high-definition videos and animations, and there are good reasons for the same:

  • They communicate more with less, providing the fastest and most effective method of conveying your message to your audience.
  • They evoke emotions and make your story more relatable to your audience.
  • They tend to garner positive audience responses and boost conversion rates.
  • They save time and energy for all those participating in a virtual conference.
  • They can be easily downloaded, embedded, saved, and edited at will.


The above points clarify the fact that it’s only by creating video-enabled interactive presentations that your sales team can leave an unforgettable impression on your audience. In fact, 2019 video marketing statistics show that the use of videos in sales conversions has hiked from 25% to 37%.

However, it’s nothing less than appalling to know that just 4% of professionals “always” use videos in presentations-- implying that 96% of presenters are missing out on a practical and persuasive presentation tool!

The consequences of disregarding videos in sales pitches can be devastating for B2B sales organizations, either causing them to lose their audience’s interest, and at worse, a financially potent sales deal.

The fact that 82% of all internet traffic might be from videos by 2021 provides all the more reason why these organizations should embrace the power of videos now to experience gain in sales tomorrow.

Using videos in presentations

Presentations majorly fail or succeed depending on the relevance, integrity, and quality of their content. Your videos should amplify your sales pitch, not overpower it. You must also note that the attention span of people is awfully short; people rarely stay to watch long videos.

The truth is that short and relevant videos work the best. 75% of viewers will stick with a video that’s 60 seconds in length.Such videos lend a multi-sensory element to your presentation, break it up nicely, and keep people interested in your content.

Here are a few tips to create effective video presentations:


Find a creative way to play your video

Besides the video, how you show the video also determines the fate of your sales presentation. Normally, videos play in a rectangular-shaped window, which has been used over the top. You can get a little creative with your video display by using windows of unusual shapes. If you adopt this technique smartly, your videos can have a striking impact.

Select the video on your slide and go to the “Format” button in PowerPoint. Here, you will find the “Video Shape” option, which offers plenty of shapes to choose from. You must note that not all of these shapes are probably not suitable for presenting a video. You should select a shape that brings your video into clear perspective.


Create explainer and demo videos

In the early stages of your sales conversion funnel, you need to highlight the functioning of your product or benefits of your service. If you are selling a physical product (for example a large manufacturing equipment), you need to show your prospects how it works, how to install it, and other critical specification. Something similar happens when you are selling a software (for example a CRM); you have to give your prospects a tour of your offering with well-crafted explainer videos.

On the other hand, incorporating demo videos in your presentation has an upper hand when your B2B buyers are at the end stage of the conversion funnel. These videos provide visual proof of your offering and show people how it works. Not only do both explain and demo videos inform your audience, but also builds the trust factor of your business.


Get your clientele to speak

Another great way to make your prospects trust you is by incorporating testimonials from clients. The most effective video clips like FreshBooks: Sarah's Testimonial, for example, feature real customers going home with a positive experience with your product or service. They only have to articulate what they feel about you.

Since you will have real people speaking for themselves, your prospects are more likely to value your presentation. The best part: creating testimonial videos is pretty simple. A little know-how of videography, a good camera and voice recorder, and an appropriate setting are all it takes to come up with these powerful content formats.



Leverage 360-degree, VR, and AR videos

The present-day technological landscape is all about immersion and there is a gamut of presentation software that uphold this principle. Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Reality (AR) and 360-degree videos are widely embraced in organizations’ sales presentations because of the experiential superiority they possess as modern-day inventions.

Both 360-degree and VR-based presentations make use of a specialized device to immerse users in a world that closely resembles the real one. Not only does it appeal to their senses with lifelike imagery, they also allow them to control their experience.

AR-based presentations add a digital layer to what you are currently viewing in the world. Such presentations have the ability to amplify your message, promote interactive information discovery, and pluck the right emotional strings of your prospects.

Bottom line

Folding in videos in your next sales presentation is what you need to do for spicing up your sales pitch, engrossing and educating your audience, and winning the deal. Make sure you pay special attention to them without fail.