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Presentations are one of the most important tools used by a B2B sales team to engage an audience and to communicate their unique value proposition to the prospect. Unfortunately, most presentations do more harm than good for the following reasons: Monolithic and large “Presentation Decks” are overwhelming for the sales team to modify due to unpredictable dependencies between different slides in terms of messaging and navigation. This forces the sales team to use these decks as-is and without personalizing them for a specific customer situation. The audiences find such “canned presentations” highly irrelevant.Traditional presentation tools such as PowerPoint encourage bulleted text…

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Sales Proposal Template

When requested to submit a proposal, most sales executives deliver the following: Abbreviated summary of the product features and benefitsVarious options of the offerings and unit pricesPricing customized to prospect’s requirementsTerms and Conditions of sales So what is wrong with this?  There are a few critical missing items that delay decision making and potentially destroy trust: A brief description of the problem, its root causes and unbearable consequences that initiated the buying process. This is very important since it is likely that the decision-makers who are involved in the approval of the proposal may not have been involved in the initial…

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