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A simple measure of your lead capture effectiveness

Achieving lead capture effectiveness is an essential first step before you can engage, nurture and qualify your target audience as sales opportunities. The lead capture metrics most frequently quoted by digital marketers include the number of web site visitors, number of leads captured and cost per lead.


How well are you converting your visitors into leads?


Individually, none of these three numbers provides a meaningful picture of lead capture effectiveness. Cost per lead is very much dependent on competitive bidding which is outside your control. A marketer with a bigger budget can bring in more web site visitors but it says nothing about their conversion ability. The number of leads captured does not tell you how many you failed to capture.

Lead Capture Effectiveness Metric

An alternative measure, the visitors to lead capture ratio (VLCR) is very meaningful in determining lead capture effectiveness independent of your marketing budget or the competitive environment.


Visitor to Lead Capture Ratio measures Lead Capture Effectiveness


A smaller VLCR is a good thing. For example, if you had 3,000 visitors to your website and in the same period you captured 100 leads then your VLCR is 30. In other words one out of every thirty visitors converted into a lead. If, on the other hand, for the same period you captured 500 leads, then your VLCR is 6. Smaller VLCR means you are converting more visitors into leads.

VLCR is an important measure of how well you are able to attract your target audience. VLCR is also an important measure of how effective is your content for engaging and converting visitors into leads. It strips away all the external factors and focuses exclusively on your digital marketing capabilities. A VLCR less than 10 is very good. A VLCR over 30 means that you are not targeting the right audience or your content is not relevant for most visitors or both.

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