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2019 Comparison of Different PowerPoint Alternatives

Think of this time the best to look for PowerPoint alternatives because your biggest nightmare-- “Death by PowerPoint”— could come true. Sounds intimidating, but this phenomenon is unavoidable when you use a poor presentation software. Honestly, it can get the best of presenters’ abilities.

Choosing a presentation software for your needs can mean you close an important sales deal or lose the lifetime opportunity. So you know exactly which side of the equation you fall if you settle on a wrong one.

It’s an undisputed fact that PowerPoint is the absolute standard in the business world—the go-to tool for sales presentations, idea pitches, webinars, and a host of other content.

But, in reality, our much-beloved presentation aid has been used over the top and we have already entered the post-PowerPoint world, where an unimaginably huge variety of presentation software are selling like hot cakes.

Whether you want some cool new presentation templates or advanced rich media capabilities, there are innumerable presentation software options out there.

But don’t let the slew of PowerPoint alternatives confuse you. Here is a list of 5 best PowerPoint alternatives to make the choice easier for you:

  • Keynote

Apple’s version of presentation software is a much more powerful alternative to PowerPoint. Compared to PowerPoint, Keynote has 30+ unique effects and transitions of slides. It also comes with over 700 customizable shapes. Keynote is a slightly more advanced PowerPoint alternative because of its high-quality models, interactive templates, and cloud-based services. Unlike PowerPoint, Keynote lets you to edit and add text, charts, photos, or cinematic effects with ease.

  • Google slides

Google Slides offers several advantages over PowerPoint. Designed for collaboration, it allows team members to make edits that sync instantly. Due to its web-based structure, files easily back-up into the cloud with instant access via any device. With Google Slides, you can build professional training modules, project presentations, pitch decks and so do much more. Even better, you don’t need any special software for this, and each change is automatically saved. So there’s no fear of losing data too!

  • Visme

A cloud-based, drag-and-drop presentation software, Visme is one of the best PowerPoint alternatives available to presenters. It offers users all the tools they need to create not just compelling presentations, but also infographics, data visualizations, reports, product demos, and resumes. Packed with millions of free images, thousands of vector icons, graph tools in any style and hundreds of fonts, Visme allows users to create virtually any type of visual content in its custom design area.

  • Emaze

Emaze is a simple-to-use presentation tool that uses HTML5, so it runs on any browser and device, including Chromebooks and tablets. It is designed for presenters who want to easily create presentations on the go. Emaze offers professionally designed parallax, 2D and 3D templates, as well as the ability to create video presentations with online accessibility. With this presentation software, you can create presentations within minutes with its wide collection of ready-to-use templates, access presentations from anywhere, and do a lot more.

  • SlideDog

Although a few identify SlideDog as an alternative to PowerPoint, it does provide a different perspective in comparison to traditional presentations. Unlike other presentation platforms, SlideDog allows for smooth integration of PowerPoints, Prezi, PDF documents, and various other elements into your presentation. With such a unique platform, the presenter never has to switch between various programs during a presentation. SlideDog has a long list of features which also include real-time sharing, remote control via SlideDog remote app, live stream presentations, three categories of interactive elements, and dual screen support.



Bottom line

If you wish to create a presentation that wows your audience, consider one of the PowerPoint alternatives listed above. Zoomifier is also one of the best PowerPoint alternatives available to today’s sales professionals. No matter which tool you use, it’s probably wise to stick with it until you master it. That’s because gaining mastery in presentation software will only enable you to create better presentations with every new project you complete.